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Dining rooms

Dining rooms

In the old kitchen you can still admire the chimney, the "rola" and the "foconcello". This room  is perfect for every occasion that requires some privacy: it's like a private apartment with a bathroom, a little room with tv, a cloakroom and a smoking-room.
It can hold 16 persons and it is often used for work meetings, business lunches, birthdays parties and to arrange a get-together with old friends.
Entering from the main door of the cellar you have the impression to take a leap into the past. Here in fact there were the old cellars : you can still see the objects of that time, which create an ancient and fascinating atmophere. 
The Cecconi brothers preserve here the best wines from our region and from every part of Italy.
The old cellar is the typical place where you can have an intimate dinner and taste wines of excellent quality.

This room takes its name from the silkworm colture, a country atmosphere is created by the  two chimneys that were used to dry silk and that now  keep our guests warm during bitter winters.

In summer you can eat outside and admire the beautiful view from the balcony!

The old stable is now a quiet cosy dining room where we receive our guests.

the room can take from 70 to 75 persons and it can be an intimate, warm space  perfect for small weddings, buffet or for business lunches.


The "great Verandah" overlooks the garden and it is a worderful outdoor living area.Tthe reception room can take 400 persons and it has confortable seats for everyone, it can be used for different events: from weddings to parties and meetings.

The room has air conditionner and thanks to the sliding windows you have the sensation to be sourranded by the trees and the garden all the time.

In the last 25 years our farm house has organized the most important sports, cultural and political events of the region.

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